QDNX Bug Tracker :: QDNX Bug Tracker :: QELBot: Recently edited tasks https://bugs.qdnx.org/ 2010-12-15T05:29:16Z QB#97: Bot script to monitor itself better 2010-12-15T05:29:16Z 2010-12-15T05:29:16Z

The bot startup script should better monitor the state of the bot and kill it if necessary. See FS#95 and FS#96 regarding this also.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:97
QB#96: Add force kill to WebAdmin 2010-12-15T05:28:09Z 2010-12-15T05:28:09Z

In light of FS#95, it would be good to have the ability to forcibly kill the bot no matter what state it’s in. It would also be useful if the bot had better monitoring and handling of itself ( FS#97 ).

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:96
QB#95: Crash/Reconnect loop on empty Inventory 2010-12-15T05:24:36Z 2010-12-15T05:21:41Z

When the bot has an empty inventory, it will continually loop. It’s particularly bad as you can’t stop it from the WebAdmin and it spams the server with reconnect after reconnect.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:95
QB#94: Notification of item buy/sell 2010-11-16T15:56:03Z 2010-11-16T15:56:03Z

Might be good to be notified when certain items buy/sell. Each item could have a checkbox saying if you want to be notified or not. Then when that item is traded, a notification is sent.

Ultimately this could be configured to send via PM, gossip, email etc

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:94
QB#93: Bot crash during "inv" 2010-11-15T14:53:19Z 2010-11-15T14:53:19Z

First seen on 2010-11-14 23:28 EST (UTC - 5:00), from the error log:

File "/home/qelbot/adversary/bot.py", line 848, in process_pm
  price = get_selling_price(requestor, item_name)
File "/home/qelbot/adversary/bot.py", line 1773, in get_selling_price
  my_db.execute(sql,(v.guild, item))
File "/home/qelbot/adversary/database.py", line 44, in execute
  self.cursor.execute(sql, args)
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/MySQLdb/cursors.py", line 173, in execute
  self.errorhandler(self, exc, value)
File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/MySQLdb/connections.py", line 36, in defaulterrorhandler
  raise errorclass, errorvalue
_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1267, "Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT)
and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='")
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:93
QB#92: Add ability for bots to be on the "greypal" search service 2010-11-15T14:47:51Z 2010-11-15T14:47:51Z

It would be advantageous to have the bots on the public listing(s) out there. From greypal ( via http://greypal.el-fd.org/csv-doc.html ):

If your bot has no method to access the data via web -> FAIL
If your bot is hostey by el-services.net or learner -> np should work already

You need to provide a URL where a csv file can be retrieved
Format of the URL:
the URL should look like http://www.foo.bar/mybots/Testbot.csv
where "http://www.foo.bar/mybots/" is the base for all your hosted bots.
"Testbot" must match the botname.
and the extension ".csv"

Format of entries:
  buying,Fire Essence,1,2.5
  selling,Fire Essence,1,3.5
Selling/Buying In Detail:
  1. field = action, atm buying or selling
  2. field = "Item Description"
  3. field = amount, a positive number including 0, or * if there is no limit.
  4. field = price, just in gc, please do not use k or such, just for sorting reasons
There should be only one entry for botname, owner and location.
The location entry has the following structure "location,<mapname>,<x-coord>,<y-coord>

Buying and selling entries as needed.
The item description must match the description seen in sto,inv or trade.
If you have a bunch of bots you can also provide a "index" file under the base-url like http://www.foo.bar/mybots/botlist.txt
at minimum there should be one botname per line in raw ascii.
Optional you can add separated by a space-character a url for a existing web-interface.
Just PM me ingame or via forum
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:92
QB#89: WebAdmin to have current inventory list 2010-11-15T14:41:35Z 2010-11-15T11:50:00Z

Trac Ticket #84 - Originally reported by: Krayon

As listed in #77 item 3, a list of the bot’s current inventory would be useful. You could therefore see exactly what it has on it. Potentially, the items list could have a column for currently holding and have a toggle for “only show items currently in inv”.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:89
QB#88: Advertising lines too long cause crash 2010-11-15T14:38:46Z 2010-11-15T11:47:58Z

Trac Ticket #83 - Originally reported by: Korrode

Some bots have been going offline frequently for no obvious reason.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:88
QB#76: WebAdmin to support viewing Transactions 2010-11-15T14:37:01Z 2010-11-15T09:37:05Z

Trac Ticket #41 - Originally reported by: Krayon

WebAdmin should support the viewing of transaction history.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:76
QB#91: Wanted/Inv 2010-11-15T11:56:55Z 2010-11-15T11:56:55Z

Trac Ticket #87 - Originally reported by: Anonymous

Would be nice if we had the option to have bots add /bot name inv/wanted at the end of each advert. this wouldnt take up much space on #jc 3 adverts.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:91