QDNX Bug Tracker :: QDNX Bug Tracker :: QELServ: Recently edited tasks https://bugs.qdnx.org/ 2012-10-23T17:25:26Z QB#98: Maps don't display properly 2012-10-23T17:25:26Z 2012-10-23T16:09:56Z

Seems the client paths for 3D objects has changed to a flat directory vs the old tree style. Maps will need to be modified.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:98
QB#64: Visible no cooldown on potion after moving it in eq 2010-02-03T13:59:25Z 2010-02-03T13:59:25Z

When you move in eq potion with cooldown visiblity of cooldown dissapear, but it still has cooldown.

Kain Meiz https://bugs.qdnx.org/:64
QB#63: Channels ACL 2010-01-28T04:16:02Z 2010-01-28T04:12:08Z

Channels should have support for simple ACL. They can have a “list” that will function as either a blacklist OR a whitelist.

  • First person to join get’s “op” status.
  • The channel has a BLANK list, defined as a BLACKLIST.
  • op can at any time add a name to the BLACKLIST. By doing so, that person cannot join the channel.
  • If the list is empty, op can add a name as a WHITELIST entry, thereby making the list a WHITELIST. From that moment on, ONLY whitelists are allowed to join and anyone (other than op) that is currently in the channel will be removed.
  • List can only be changed from WHITE to BLACK when it’s empty.
  • op can at any point change someone else to op. They swap effective positions so if the new op was on the WHITELIST then the old op is added and the new op removed (op doesn’t need to be WHITE).

Undecided behaviour:

In the event that the op leaves, one of these should happen:

  • the (WHITE/BLACK)LIST is cleared.
  • if WHITELIST, the first person in WHITELIST becomes op, otherwise list is cleared.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:63
QB#41: Make actors move forward on kill and open bag 2010-01-27T11:27:48Z 2010-01-18T22:33:48Z

Upon killing an enemy, the character should take a step forward and open the bag for collection.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:41
QB#62: Animations as a result of movement clicks during pending combat 2010-01-26T15:15:27Z 2010-01-26T15:15:27Z

If whilst in pending combat state (i.e. you just clicked to attack a player/creature from a few steps away and start moving towards them, but combat hasn’t actually started yet) you click to move elsewhere, just after the combat animations start you then do a ‘step or two’ of the move animation in the direction you clicked, then flick back to combat animations fighting your opponent.

It looks weird and can mess up the rotation of the combat participants.

Rob McCathie https://bugs.qdnx.org/:62
QB#32: Sand Bomb and resulting opponent behaviour 2010-01-24T17:01:35Z 2009-12-23T04:27:41Z

Change “Getaway thing” to “Sand bomb” and make it so when you flee off opponents they can’t move/attack for 2 seconds, and when you use the “Sand bomb” they can’t move/attack for 5 seconds.

Sand bomb can have 60 sec cooldown (to start with, it may come down a little)

Rob McCathie https://bugs.qdnx.org/:32
QB#61: Global item purge/list/modify 2010-01-22T23:47:34Z 2010-01-22T23:47:34Z

The ability to purge, modify and list (who has and where) items would be advantageous.

It would allow for the easy removal or substitution of an item, on a global scale. Ideally it should handle things like subing a sword for a piece of fruit - which should remove sword, give fruit and stack with existing fruit if req’d.

To be able to list all players who are currently in possession of a given sword, and how many etc would be part of this presumably.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:61
QB#60: Admin access player storage 2010-01-22T23:42:42Z 2010-01-22T23:42:42Z

Admins need the ability to see (and modify) a player’s storage. This would allow them to remove items, add items etc. They would most likely have to use a bag as a go between but that would be acceptable.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:60
QB#59: Admin access player inventory 2010-01-22T23:40:59Z 2010-01-22T23:40:59Z

Admins need the ability to see (and modify) a player’s inventory. This would allow them to remove items, add items etc. They would most likely have to use a bag as a go between but that would be acceptable.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:59
QB#54: Add support for banning 2010-01-22T23:37:27Z 2010-01-22T23:23:24Z

As we get players, we will get trouble makers, that much is already clear. We need the ability to ban users for a configurable amount of time, as well as preset amounts. These SHOULDN’T effect the forum bans however a ban on the forum SHOULD be a ban in game also (I think).

Something like this might do:



#ban testuser 1:4:6:3 Because you're a tool

This would ban ‘testuser’ for 1 year, 4 days, 6 hours and 3 minutes because he’s a tool. He would be informed of such when trying to login.

Other examples:

#ban testuser 5 Come back in 5 minutes when you've learned to behave
#ban testuser 7:0 You're gone for 1 week buddy!

Should we support banning per player or per forum account (given that 1 forum account can have multiple players)?

Should we have pre-sets like: #ban7 for 7 days, #banwarn for 1 hour, #banladen for life?

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:54