QDNX Bug Tracker :: QDNX Bug Tracker :: QELBot: Recently closed tasks https://bugs.qdnx.org/ 2010-11-15T14:38:46Z QB#88: Advertising lines too long cause crash 2010-11-15T14:38:46Z 2010-11-15T11:47:58Z

Trac Ticket #83 - Originally reported by: Korrode

Some bots have been going offline frequently for no obvious reason.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:88
QB#68: Create wrapper script(s) for starting/stopping as a daemon etc 2010-11-15T06:09:45Z 2010-11-15T04:09:29Z

Trac Ticket #23 - Originally reported by: Krayon

The bot really needs a start/stop daemon script to easily manage it as well as perhaps a wrapper/starter script that can monitor it’s state and restart it if necessary etc. This can also facilitate easy logging etc.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:68
QB#70: WebAdmin: configurable advertising settings 2010-11-15T04:13:48Z 2010-11-15T04:13:16Z

Trac Ticket #25 - Originally reported by: Krayon

The WebAdmin area needs to provide a way to configure advertising settings.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:70