QDNX Bug Tracker :: QDNX Bug Tracker :: QELServ: Recently closed tasks https://bugs.qdnx.org/ 2010-01-27T11:27:48Z QB#41: Make actors move forward on kill and open bag 2010-01-27T11:27:48Z 2010-01-18T22:33:48Z

Upon killing an enemy, the character should take a step forward and open the bag for collection.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:41
QB#5: Dropping all of an item forgets cooldown 2010-01-22T22:59:05Z 2009-09-21T20:29:23Z

( from: http://qelserv.quadronyx.org/forums/?topic=15.msg428#msg428 )

If you drop all your inv of an item whilst in cooldown, when you pick it back up, the cooldown has been forgotten.
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:5
QB#47: Picking up multiple non-stackable items only picks up one 2010-01-20T16:18:11Z 2010-01-20T16:12:24Z

When trying to pick up multiple non-stackable items, you only pick up one ( similar to FS#26 ).

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:47
QB#26: Dropping multiple of non-stackable items only drops one 2010-01-20T16:18:02Z 2009-10-30T18:00:24Z

When dropping multiple of a given item (in one go) that are not stackable, only one of that item is dropped.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:26
QB#44: Equip/Unequip as creature crashes clients 2010-01-20T14:00:54Z 2010-01-19T04:08:05Z

If you are not a player character type, equiping and unequiping crashes all clients within range (currently whole map).

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:44
QB#43: Deleting guild with ID 0 makes guilds maxed 2010-01-19T04:24:24Z 2010-01-19T04:05:28Z

If you delete guild with ID 0, #create_guild no longer works, saying there’s too many.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:43
QB#42: Add command to rename players 2010-01-19T04:24:07Z 2010-01-18T22:56:29Z

It would be good to have a command to easily rename players. That is all.

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:42
QB#38: NPC's engage in combat 2010-01-19T04:23:36Z 2010-01-18T15:02:35Z

If one can manage to get the attack cursor over an NPC and click, it does actually engage in combat.
(The client tries to prevent the attack cursor appearing over NPCs, but if really quick it can happen)

Rob McCathie https://bugs.qdnx.org/:38
QB#36: Entering admin mode should cause a forced flee 2010-01-18T19:00:18Z 2010-01-18T13:33:51Z

Upon changing to admin mode, you should automatically flee (guaranteed). Logically if you are admin’ing whilst fighting there’s no other reason than to do something and as admins in combat don’t generally get damaged etc you shouldn’t even be able to fight whilst one (which is why you can’t attack or be attacked).

Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:36
QB#23: Creatures get multiple actor '0' targets during multicombat 2010-01-18T15:33:44Z 2009-10-29T21:22:02Z

When fighting creatures, they will sometimes get an increasing list of targets, consisting all of actor ‘0’. This means that even if GuyA is actor 0, GuyB is actor 1, and GuyB is attacking the creature, it’s opponent list would report:

Your 1 opps: Godzilla, (targeting: Godzilla), His 3 opps: GuyA, GuyA, GuyA, GuyA, GuyB, (targeting: GuyA)
Krayon https://bugs.qdnx.org/:23